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Welcome to the Women's Ministry page of Women of the Word (WOW). All women of Philadelphia City of Praise are automatically members of WOW. WOW is a socially and spiritually conscious Philadelphia Women's Ministry comprised of women of faith and practice who respect women’s bodies, women’s rights, women’s spirituality and women's holistic social striving. 

WOW celebrates stay-at-home and working women of worship and the Word who give witness to God through social and spiritual engagement related to women's issues. These women's issues include but are not limited to issues of women’s health, women’s fitness, women’s finances, women’s fashion, women’s sexuality and women’s spirituality to awesomely inspire and wonderfully wow women of the world.  

At WOW, we celebrate diversity and inclusion and invite all women of color and conscience whether African women, African American women, Asian women, European women, Indian women, Latin American women, Spanish women, Hispanic women and more to join us.

If you are a Philadelphia woman who support strong women’s organizations focused on the feminine persuasion, we warmly welcome you to join us at WOW as we holistically address women's issues for women's awareness, inspiration and empowerment.

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