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Wedding Planning In Philadelphia


Wedding planning in Philadelphia and looking for a wedding officiant to perform your wedding on your wedding day between a man and a woman?  Contact us at Philadelphia City of Praise.  If available, Dr. A. Carl Prince performs weddings of all nationalities and will be happy to perform your wedding ceremony.

Marriage Counseling

When performing weddings Dr. Prince requires a minimum of two month's notice, a bride and groom commitment premarital  counseling for all local weddings as marriage should never be entered into unadvisedly.  Also, just as above, Dr. Prince will pray over your wedding to seek God's blessings for a blessed marriage.

Regardless of the wedding venue, Dr. Prince performs wedding ceremonies between man and woman nationwide.   To schedule Dr. Prince to perform your wedding on your special wedding day, let's chat or contact us at Philadelphia City of Praise at

We Perform Weddings in Philadelphia

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