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Reverend Dr. A. Carl Prince, Lead Pastor of Philadelphia City of Praise in Philadelphia, PA is a University of Oxford educated Black Baptist Church theological scholar, summa cum laude Howard University Doctor of Ministry (DMin) recipient, US Library of Congress published pastor and served as the first African American Baptist Minister on the Richmond City Council in Richmond, Virginia.



Dr. A. Carl Prince, Printable Biography

Among Baptist Church pastors in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Reverend Dr. A. Carl Prince, Lead Pastor and founder of Philadelphia City of Praise Baptist Church in Philadelphia, PA is a nationally recognized leader of the African American pulpit. In the spirit of Jesus Christ, the moral conscience of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and the social justice advocacy and community development commitment of Congressman Adam Clayton Powell, Jr., Pastor Prince is a superlative second generation Baptist Church Lead Pastor.

Dr. Prince has impeccable preaching pedigree having served under two of the nations most renowned pastors. In addition to serving as the son of a prominent Baptist pastor of four simultaneous Virginia pastorates, Prince was licensed to preach the gospel and ordained in South Richmond, Virginia where he served 12-years as President of the W.H. Fox Laymen's League, adult Sunday school instructor, member of the church security team, a member of the male chorus and as a pulpit assistant in a 2000-member congregation. Dr. Prince was ordained and served as Assistant-to-the-Pastor for the largest church in the city in Richmond's Church Hill with over 4,000 members until he was called to his first pastorate in Prince George’s County. Having served two historic pastorates from Prince George’s County to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Dr. Prince’s pastoral and public presence has been enormously felt in multivariate and innovative manners through pastoral and nonprofit presidential leadership, preaching, teaching, prison and hospital chaplaincy, advocacy, history-making public office to being publicly published. 

As a Virginia pastor, Prince baptized believers, ordained deacons, consecrated deaconesses, created ministries, and served as Executive Producer of a 10-year Central Virginia radio broadcast to reach the world for Christ. In terms of diversity and gender justice in the Black Church, Dr. Prince affirms women in ministry. With the unanimous support of the Board of Trustees, and the majority vote of the church, he appointed the first female church treasurer and the first female chair of trustees. He also licensed the first female minister since 1878 who was a recent Samuel DeWitt Proctor School of Theology at Virginia Union University Master of Divinity (M.Div.) graduate. 

In his North Philadelphia pastorate, Prince's preaching led many to accept and grow in Jesus Christ. Upon arrival, he led officers on a tour of North Philadelphia near Temple University Medical School pointing out the grossly deteriorated conditions of the community that had remained in ruins for decades and that were flagged with orange city citations that he continues to archive as the incomprehensible evidence of community neglect until his arrival. Prince later invited city officials on this same walking tour to point out the years of urban devastation, abandoned cars, and homelessness that dotted the landscape. As simultaneous president of the church's community center, with the unanimous support of the church, Prince transformed a community center into a community development corporation (CDC) for community development and introduced to church officers a vast vision for North Philadelphia multimillion dollar development. 

Dr. Prince labored to reconcile ruptured relationships, created new ministries. and made scores of appointments. He led the church in the creation of a 21st century interactive website, led capital campaigns for renovations, added TV monitors, installed a surveillance system as a deterrent to shrinkage and strengthened the church's concealed carry personnel with equipment, extensive training and greater armed personnel for parishioner and church asset protection in the high crime community. Prince partnered with nationally known corporations to create a second level board room, renovations for a deeply deteriorated gym for after school athletics, scholarships for inner-city young adults and partnered with Philadelphia businesses to sponsor a historic 1500-attendee job fair to put Philadelphians back to work. Prince advocated for job creation of Philadelphians at the state capital in Harrisburg, PA, participated in meetings for the enhancement of public schools and Philadelphia DA community leadership meetings to reduce crime and was invited to lead the opening prayer at the fall Philadelphia City Council meeting.  

As an indefatigable ecclesiastic, Dr. Prince led the church in its first audit in 8-years to strengthen risk management and opened pathways for annual ecumenical worship through the creation of an annual worship ecumenical program. With the support of the church, he ordained ministers and deacons, consecrated women as deaconesses and ordained a very capable senior woman clergy who had been overlooked for ordination for over two decades. After a phenomenally successful two and a half year Philadelphia pastorate, Prince founded Philadelphia City of Praise to do greater work for the Lord and the Philadelphia community.  

As a consummately committed community leader, Prince has long been heavily involved in community and faith affairs which catapulted him to serve as the first African American Baptist Minister to serve on the Richmond City Council in Richmond, Virginia by defeating a 16-year incumbent Vice Mayor. As a city official, Prince sponsored legislation to study race relations amid escalated racial tensions in the city, and sponsored legislation to study the homicide rate among black males during a period of heightened black male murders.

Prince made human, community and downtown development a priority by advocating for underserved communities, making public appointments, funding public projects, and encouraging citywide development. Prince cleared land for development, encouraged urban enterprise zones, funded and broke ground for affordable housing, beat patrols for community policing, created the first South Richmond city services complex, funded public schools, made appointments to committees, boards and commissions, participated in the allocation and ratification of a $350M operating budget process and encouraged the historic erection of the black World Tennis Champion Author Ashe statue on Richmond's historic Monument Avenue. In collaboration with the business community, Prince sponsored the first Hull Street Christmas Parade in 20-years which brought national attention to the needs of his district.  

Oxford educated in theology at the University of Oxford in the United Kingdom, Dr. Prince is internationally trained and is a terminally trained theological scholar having graduated Howard University School of Divinity (HUSD) with a Doctor of Ministry (D.Min.) degree summa cum laude.  Dr. Prince's Social Justice Doctor of Ministry (D.Min.) dissertation was entitled, Mobilizing Black Churches on Behalf of the Millennial Generation: A Resource Manual for Social Justice. Prince's thesis case studied the triple shootings of Trayvon Martin in Florida, Michael Brown in Missouri and Ex-Florida A&M football player Jonathan Ferrell in North Carolina. 

Prince’s distinguished doctoral thesis committee was led by the late theological scholar and author, Dr. Cain Hope Felder.  Dr. Felder was a renowned and respected Professor of New Testament Language and Literature and Chair of the D.Min. Program at Howard University. Dr. Felder and the D.Min. Committee rigorously reviewed and recommended Prince’s doctoral thesis project for publishing and can be accessed at Howard University School of Divinity.

As a D.Min. candidate at HU, Prince was published by the US Library of Congress for his sermon Simply Marvelous that celebrated the historic election of the first African American US President in the personage of Barack H. Obama. Dr. Prince has served on numerous municipal, for-profit, and nonprofit boards and committees and has hosted scores of citywide symposiums for community awareness and empowerment. Dr. Prince has preached nationally, led the consecration and ordination of church leadership, baptized new believers, wedded lovers, ministered to those in bonds and humanity on sick beds providing pastoral care spiritual and emotional support to the ill and incurably ill and brought comfort and encouragement, motivation, and inspiration to thousands as he served and preached nationally. 

Dr. Prince is married to the love of his life, is a member of the Philadelphia Baptist Pastors & Ministers Conference and holds quadrilateral affiliation with the National Baptist Convention USA, Inc., Progressive National Baptist Convention, USA, Inc., the American Baptist Convention and the United Church of Christ. 

Howard University Commencement

Dr. A. Carl Prince pictured left with Howard University undergraduates prior to the HU commencement processional. Go HU!  Pictured right, Dr. Prince is undergoing Ghanaian enstoolment in a Ghanaian enstoolment ceremony in Philadelphia. He was joined by an African Queen Mother and members of the Ghanaian community.  Enstoolment is a West African tribal celebration of traditional Africa that raises a chief to power.  Rev. Dr. H. Beecher Hicks, Jr. and the Metropolitan Baptist Church of Washington, DC served as our guests for the high, holy and historic occasion. 

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