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 The King Solomon Men's Ministry was named after the famed King Solomon, son of King David and Bathsheba. According to the Holy Bible, this young king was the wisest and wealthy king to ever live. King Solomon was also a warrior who fought to protect his kingdom against enemy attack. As a child, Solomon was a young prince who at the age of 19 inherited the throne of his dying father.  As a man of God, he built the temple of the Lord and ruled Israel during its golden age.




The primary purpose of the King Solomon Men's Ministry is to inform both younger and older men that they too are princes and kings who belong to God whose spiritual father is King of kings and Lord of lords.


The King Solomon Men's Ministry is for men and boys and addresses men and boys' issues and engages in outreach to men and boys for Jesus Christ. It encourages men and boys to be who they were created in the image of God.


Fourfold Focus:


  • Inspiration - King Solomon affirms the study of God's Word and worship.

  • Education - King Solomon affirms education for empowerment

  • Recreation - King Solomon affirms recreation for relaxation and relationship building

  • Re-creation - In the image of God  


At King Solomon, we encourage men and boys to be one, reach one, teach one, and lift one for the empowering of our young princes and kings journeying through a jungle across the world.


Join us at King Solomon and help us inform, inspire and empower our boys and men.



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