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Congregational Care Ministry

The Congregational Care Ministry

Just as Jesus Christ out of love for humanity ministered to the masses grief and pain and called us to love one another (Luke:10:27), as Christians we love and  care about our members challenges and the challenges of our community. In that Christian spirit the Philadelphia City of Praise Congregational Care Ministry is at your service.

As a pastoral services support ministry and the Body of Jesus Christ in the world, the Congregational Care Ministry led by our Pastor and Deacons Ministry serves our congregation in sickness and in health providing spiritual and emotional care, social services and referral services to our congregation and community. 

If you need a home or hospital visit, need prayer, desire a hand to hold or someone to simply sit with you through a moment of concern or crisis, as a source of comfort, we are at your service. If you need a community or social services referral, we are here for you.

Contact the Philadelphia City of Praise Congregational Care Ministry today. We care about our congregation and the lives of those within our community.



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